Extreme nouns


100 pages of content with over 5,000 nouns

“Thank you for your brilliant idea”... “This is too good not to share” Sarra Collins – Award School student 2009

“Was totally inspired by your book” Ryan Mcdougall Junior writer – Canada

“I salute you for this great tool” Hisham Kharma – Creative Director – Lowe – Egypt

Lists of nouns for Art Direction, Graphic Design and storytelling

Nouns are indexed by analogies and extremes such as big, fast, scary, time.

  • Brainstorming ideas for mind-mapping techniques
  • Less time on research – more time on creative
  • Designed by creative director Stuart Flynn – Sunshine Design
  • Develop & execute¬†concepts with an indexed reference of nouns lists
  • Practical word association tool for creative ideas
  • Mix, match and combine lists of nouns for new solutions
  • Use analogy to illustrate concepts as per above
  • Discover obvious and obscure visual relationships
  • Expand on existing strategies and ‘first thoughts
  • Print individual pages or nouns as required for briefs and mind-mapping sessions.

“To sell something familiar, make it surprising. To sell something surprising, make it familiar.”

Derek Thompson


Scary things, big things, dry things. Nouns lists. 100 pages.

Preview content from a few of the pages in the book

What are ‘Extreme nouns’ – Ingredients for Advertising Ideas?

‘Extreme nouns’ is a printable ebook with 100 pages of noun lists to save you time in research and increase your productivity.

Use this reference for early brainstorming and expanding ideas, allowing more time for creativity!

Most of the pages have lists of nouns, such as. ‘Biggest Smallest’, ‘Longest Shortest’, and Scary things, but the book also has comprehensive lists of items relating to product types, associations and interactions such as time, health, and joy. The inclusion of these pages makes the book great for marketing and advertising products, which was the original inspiration for this book.

‘Extreme nouns’ is designed to help creative thinkers speed up the brainstorming process. After studying an advertising course in Sydney, Australia, called ‘Award School’, I was inspired to make the book. I was frustrated that thousands of students were creating and brainstorming ideas from scratch. There was no tangible resource on the internet to help in the process, which remains true in 2022.

Unique lists of common nouns

We communicate fresh ideas by building on what we know. Comparing something new to something recognized allows you to tell new stories.

In this sense, Extreme nouns are the recognized visual word associations needed to showcase new ideas, providing a tangible brainstorming reference for the creative industry. The book contains lists of nouns and their opposites indexed by Extreme emotions, advertising strategy and product types.

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