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Nouns used to exaggerate and convey your scripts and stories

When writing a script, one of the first things to consider is the extremes you want to convey in your story. These can include the biggest and smallest, the fastest and slowest, the scariest versus the safest, the strong and weak, the wet and dry, and the evil and nice.

The biggest and smallest extremes can convey the grandeur or insignificance of a particular setting or character. For example, in a story about a tiny ant trying to survive in a big city, the biggest and smallest extremes would be the skyscrapers and the ant itself.

The fastest and slowest extremes can convey a sense of urgency or leisure in a particular scene. For example, in a chase scene, the fastest and slowest extremes would be the pursuing car and the fleeing pedestrian.

The scary versus safe extremes can be used to create tension and suspense. For example, in a horror story, the scary extremes would be the ghostly apparitions, while the safe extremes would be the sanctuary of the protagonist’s home.

The strong and weak extremes can convey the characters’ power dynamics. For example, in a story about a bullied child, the strong extreme would be the bully, while the weak extreme would be the child.

The wet and dry extremes can convey the atmosphere and setting of a particular scene. For example, in a story set in a desert, the dry extremes would be the parched land, while the wet extremes would be an oasis.

The evil and nice extremes can be used to convey the moral landscape of a particular story. For example, in a story about a criminal mastermind, the evil extremes would be the criminal’s actions, while the nice extremes would be the heroism of the police detective trying to stop them.

In conclusion, by considering the extremes you want to convey in your story, you can create a more engaging and dynamic script that will captivate your audience.

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