Extreme nouns


100 pages of content with over 5,000 nouns

“Thank you for your brilliant idea”... “This is too good not to share” Sarra Collins – Award School student 2009

“Was totally inspired by your book” Ryan Mcdougall Junior writer – Canada

“I salute you for this great tool” Hisham Kharma – Creative Director – Lowe – Egypt

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Using Nouns for analogy

A list of nouns to generate endless idea combinations

This free list has 100 pages of content.

Over 5,000 common nouns and other types of nouns. Indexed by Product types, Extremes / Emotions / Strategies / Propositions, Associations & Interactions. Print one page, or use multiple page combinations to trigger ideas.

Execute advertising strategies

Find multiple executions for strategies and tag lines. Great for mind mapping and brainstorming new ideas.

Contradictions and opposites.

The page spreads in the book are divided into contradictions and opposites. One way to use the book is to use the common nouns on each side of the pages can be used in combination. This can create some very unexpected ideas. Shown below is a small sample of the content from the pages ‘biggest smallest’ and ‘hottest coldest’.  See the image of index page above for a full list of topics and extremes.

Ingredients (nouns) for advertising ideas (extremes)

A unique pdf reference to save you time in research and increase your brainstorming productivity. This allows you lots more time to be creative!

Extreme nouns

Art Director & Creative Writer reference.

A tangible brainstorming for visual communication. Indexed by Extremes & Emotions, Advertising Strategy & Product types. • 5,000 ingredients to trigger visual ideas • Less time on research – more time on creative • Develop & execute concepts more efficiently • Practical word association tool for creative ideas • Mix, match and combine nouns for new solutions • Use analogy to illustrate ideas as per above • Discover obvious and obscure visual relationships • Expand on existing strategies and ‘first thoughts’ • Print individual pages as required for briefs

We communicate fresh ideas by building on what we know. Comparing something new to something recognized.Extreme nouns’ is a term I’ve coined. These commonly known nouns are the recognized visual word associations we need for new ideas. A tangible brainstorming reference for the creative industry. Indexed by Extremes and emotions, advertising strategy and product types.

Take longer lunches!

Save time on brainstorming

Lists that will save you hours

“Thank you for your brilliant idea”…“I can almost guarantee this will give me an advantage”… “This is too good not to share” Sarra Collins Sydney Award School student 2009 “Was totally inspired by you book” Ryan Mcdougall Junior writer – Canada “Bought the ebook – great stuff thanks! Anon.Student – Lasalle College of Arts – Singapore

“I salute you for this great tool” Hisham Kharma – Creative Director – Lowe – Egypt

Indexed by extremes

Opposites for unexpected outcomes

Association by nouns

Nouns illustrate your strategy

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