Extreme nouns


100 pages of content with over 5,000 nouns

“Thank you for your brilliant idea”... “This is too good not to share” Sarra Collins – Award School student 2009

“Was totally inspired by your book” Ryan Mcdougall Junior writer – Canada

“I salute you for this great tool” Hisham Kharma – Creative Director – Lowe – Egypt

Nouns lists for ideas

5,000 familiar nouns for brainstorming stories and expanding on ideas

  • Brainstorm story ideas more easily with a comprehensive list of nouns
  • Develop & execute your story concepts more efficiently
  • Practical word association to increase creativity
  • Combine nouns from different lists for unique story solutions
  • Use nouns for analogy and teaching
  • Find obvious and obscure visual relationships between nouns
  • Use in descriptive Prompt Engineering for AI art generators like Midjourney and Dalle-2
A writer is brainstorming ideas with mind mapping and nouns lists and notes

Nouns are used in visual communication for ideas, emotions or extremes.

We communicate stories by building on what we know—comparing something new to things that are recognised (nouns).

‘Extreme nouns’ are lists of nouns, indexed by Extremes such as Biggest, Smallest, Longest, Weakest etc. The book is a brainstorming reference tool for the storytellers of the world.

List of nouns and associated adjectives

  1. Tree: Tallest, Strongest, Huge, Massive
  2. River: Wet, Most Powerful, Enormous, Gigantic, Vast
  3. Mountain: Tallest, Giant, Immense, Monumental
  4. Ocean: Deepest, Wettest, Biggest, Colossal, Titanic, Unbelievable
  5. Sun: Hottest, Brightest, Incredible, Astonishing
  6. Moon: Mysterious, Staggering, Mind-blowing
  7. Star: Brightest, Record-breaking, World-class
  8. Dog: Cutest, Angriest
  9. Cat: Sneakiest, Unbeatable, Cutest, Furry
  10. Elephant: Huge, Massive, Colossal, Heaviest
  11. Bird: Incredible, Astonishing, Smallest, Fastest
  12. Fish: Staggering, Mind-blowing, Wettest
  13. Butterfly: Fragile, Unmatched, Unrivaled, Weakest
  14. Flower: Fragile, Unbeatable, Prettiest
  15. Grass: Vast, Monumental, Healthiest
  16. Sky: Huge, Immense, Biggest
  17. Rain: Wettest, Coldest
  18. Snow: Coldest, Lightest
  19. Wind: Unbeatable, Most Powerful
  20. Fire: Hottest, Huge, Massive, Gigantic
  21. Big Foot: Elusive, Mysterious, Hairy, Gigantic
  22. Building: Tallest, Strongest, Huge, Impressive
  23. Mouse: Tiny, Sneaky, Quick, Adorable
  24. Asteroid: Huge, Monumental, Record-Breaking, Dangerous
  25. Trampoline: Fun, Bouncy, Exciting, Entertaining

What Extreme Nouns does differently

With Extreme nouns, you pick the emotional truth you want to communicate, like fear, or strength or height, then choose from the big list of nouns that tie into that extreme.

    How to use Extreme nouns

    The pages are made from lists of nouns and are indexed by extreme categories. ‘Fastest / Slowest’, ‘Longest Shortest’ and common product categories like Alcohol, furniture etc.

    The book is designed to help creative writers, art directors, and advertising students.

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