Story ideas from nouns lists

5,000 familiar ingredients in the form of common nouns for brainstorming stories and expanding on ideas

  • Brainstorm story ideas more easily
  • Less time on first ideas and more time on creativity
  • Develop & execute your story concepts more efficiently
  • Practical word associations to increase creativity
  • Combine common nouns for original story solutions
  • Use analogy within your story
  • Find obvious and obscure visual relationships
  • Print individual pages as required from the downloadable pdf

“To sell something familiar, make it surprising. To sell something surprising, make it familiar.”

Derek Thompson



How to use Extreme nouns for storytelling

‘Extreme nouns’ is a printable ebook that will save you time in research and increase your productivity in creating new ideas.

Great for early brainstorming and expanding on story ideas, allowing you more time for creativity!

The pages are made of lists of nouns. They are indexed by extreme categories. ‘Biggest Smallest’, ‘Longest Shortest’ and common types of product categories.

The book is designed to help creative storytellers speed up the brainstorming process

Stuart Flynn – the author, is a creative director from Australia and has sold thousands of copies of the 2012 version of this book. The next version is in development and due out in late 2021.

This site is a free resource that allows people to explore individual pages from the book or download the full 200 pages from the pdf download.

Common nouns for storytelling

We communicate our stories by building on what we know. This is done by comparing something new to something recognized.

‘Extreme nouns’ are the recognized visual word associations that we need for new ideas. The book is a tangible brainstorming reference tool for the storytellers of the world.

I hope you enjoy it and use it.

Stu Flynn – Author